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Online Kundalini Yoga classes

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Kundalini Yoga classes are online on Thursday's

In these challenging times, more than ever, we want to feel clear, calm, centred, and in control. When we strengthen our inner capacities and build our reserves, the outside world becomes manageable.

Kundalini Yoga, is simple, but powerful…using breath, chanting and postures that can shift your energy, and work on your immune, glandular, and nervous systems. It can help you get past your blocks, build your physical and mental resilience, relax and balance your mind, body, and spirit….and feel more alive and uplifted!

Kundalini Yoga gives you the tools to cope with the daily challenges and stresses. This is the yoga of awareness and experience, and that means you are always working at your own level, a journey of self-exploration, as well as being part of a community in the class.

You don’t need to be flexible or fit to start practising. You just need to be able to breath! And location is no barrier for online classes. Come and feel the difference!

Your teachers: Livtar Kaur and Livtar Singh are very experienced teachers and teacher trainers, offering Kundalini yoga at all levels. Livtar Kaur also presents a variety of workshops around the healthy yogic lifestyle.

Available classes.

Starting on 16th September (no yoga on 23rd September owing to family commitments)

Kundalini Yoga ideal for those used to zoom, not for beginners
Theme, looking after the body and the mind
Price £8 a class, £28 for 4 consecutive classes

You may attend the Experienced Students Classes without prior experience of kundalini if you are already experienced with yoga and breath work from other practices.

Thursday's 7:15pm to 8:30p.m.

Remotely via Zoom. Meeting ID and Password will be provided when you contact us for a class.

Teacher Contact Details:

Livtar Kaur:
FB messenger: Livtar Kaur
Text: Livtar Kaur 07852870741
E mail: livtar.kaur@sushmuna-yoga.co.uk

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