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Fly Like a Butterfly - Shakta Kaur Khalsa


Children's Yoga:
Fly Like a Buttefly by Shakta Khalsa takes children on a fun-filled romp of yoga interlaced with stories, songs and quiet time. Beautiful photos of her young students holding simple yoga poses guide readers through the book. Written with the beginner in mind, the book is designed so parents can read along with their children. Older children can read for themselves using the photos as guides. A must for parents and teachers interested in movement, self-esteem, quieting the mind and body, and all-out fun!

Price including postage: £15.50

Food as Medicine - Dharma Singh Khalsa


The future of good health will be found in the same place it has always existed: in the distinct chemical constituents of fruits and vegetables.
Dharma Singh Khalsa, M.D. discusses about what you eat can either prevent chronic illnesses or help cause them. Constantly pushing your body?s nutritional limits speeds up the aging process and beckons disease.
The future of good health will be found in the same place it has always existed: in the distinct chemical constituents of fruits and vegetables, Dr. Khalsa contends. When consumed on a regular basis, these 'drugs' can do more than any magic bullet medicine, vaccine, or genetic twist to prevent and help treat heart disease, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer?s disease, arthritis, and the other scourges of our time.
Citing breakthrough medical discoveries, supported by his own professional and personal experiences, Dr. Khalsa shows men and women of all ages with a wide range of health concerns how to activate their bodies natural healing forces through the proper diet of juices, supplements, and food. As the doctor makes clear, we are, indeed, what we eat. What we put into our body can accelerate or slow down the physical, mental, and emotional tolls of aging and aggravate our vulnerability to illness. Yet, optimal nutrition holds the power to maximize our genes?to help us feel, look, and be our absolute best for life?as well as treat a host of diseases.
The book is filled with interesting food facts: Blueberries can increase brain longevity through their ablilty to help release dopamine in the brain. Kiwi fruit, because of its high levels of disease-fighting antioxidants and phytonutriens, is said to be an excellent source in battling cancer and heart diesease. Pears, with their high content of certain minerals and fibers, can help prevent fibroid tumors.

Price including postage: £15.50

Fountain of Youth: Yoga and Meditation - Tarn Taran Kaur


A selection of Kriyas and Meditations from a selection of Women-In-Training Camps.
For almost three decades, Yogi Bhajan confronted and challenged the body, mind and soul of each woman who attended the Women’s Camp Espanola. “It is not a yoga camp. It is not a meditation camp. It is a Woman in Training Camp. It is totally to train the whole-sum of the woman, not just one part of it.” ~ Yogi Bhajan.
The Kundalini Yoga and Meditations in this book are selected from these Women-In-Training Camps. Everyone can practice them and train the whole-sum of themselves to reap the benefits.


From Vegetables with Love - Siri Ved Kaur


Recipes & Tales from a Yogi's Kitchen
In this completely rewritten and expanded second edition of the famous Kundalini Yoga Cookbook From Vegetables with Love by Siri Ved Kaur Khalsa, you will find over 300 mouthwatering healthy, vegetarian recipes and a wealth of information about the yogic approach to food and diet, including the healing properties of natural foods and herbs, helpful "yogi kitchen tips", and inspiring stories from Siri Ved Kaur's years serving as Yogi Bhajan's personal chef.
"Siri Ved is the keeper of one of Yogi Bhajan's important legacies: his philosophy of food. Yogi Bhajan was as much a cook as he was a yogi - and his life changing teachings were as much about what and how we eat as they were about postures, breath and meditation. In From Vegetables With Love, his student Siri Ved not only enshrines those teachings, but breathes life into them to help us feed ourselves consciously and deliciously. I've been fortunate enough to eat Siri Ved's cooking, but it was her wonderful first edition of this book that nourished me and my family for many years. I know this new expanded edition will do the same for you and yours." Dan Charnas, yoga teacher and journalist.

Price including postage: £30.50

From Where You Are to Who You Are - Sadhana Singh


This book describes the three major Kundalini Yoga meditations: Sat Kriya, Sodarshan Chakra Kriya and Kirtan Kriya which Yogi Bhajan suggested we should practice if we want to cross the transition to the Age of Aquarius successfully.

Three meditations for the Sensory-Self.
This book describes the three major Kundalini Yoga meditations: Sat Kriya, Sodarshan Chakra Kriya and Kirtan Kriya which Yogi Bhajan suggested we should practice if we want to cross the transition to the Age of Aquarius successfully. All three meditations, each with a specific focus, stimulate the Self-Sensory System. From where you are to who you are gives shape to the experience, gained through practice and study of these three meditations, and presents them in a modular structure. The aim is to stimulate the reader to experience firsthand the techniques, facilitating access and highlighting common elements through the description and effects, posture and analysis of mudra, in-depth examination of the mantras, notes on numerology and references, to yogic anatomy.

Price including postage: £11.80

Furmaan Khalsa - Poems by Yogi Bhajan


Based on the science of human consciousness called Raj Yoga, and written as a guide for all the future generations, these poems answer the questions of how to live successfully with an open heart and open mind in the midst of the turmoil of the modern world.
What does it mean to love and be loved? What are the physical, mental, and spiritual effects of what we eat and drink, and how can we unlock the unsued potential energies within so that we can really become effective to create positive changes within ourselves and in the world?

Price including postage: £15.00

Gatka - Nanak Dev Singh


A brief historical background, Gatka uniform, Simple Panthra, Stick panthra & Gatka Rhythm:
Learn the ancient martial art of traditional Sikh sword fighting through this easy-to-follow guide with 21 step-by-step lessons and action photos. GATKA was developed at the primary source of defense by the Sikhs out of necessity. Since they were a society of farmers, with no standing army to protect them, they needed some form of defense which would compensate for their inferior numbers and lack of traditional military strategy. The book contains various chapters including: A brief historical background, Introduction, Gatka uniform, Simple Panthra, Stick panthra, Gatka Rhythm. Also includes information on diet and Sikh salutations from the Dasam Granth in combat. The death of a warrior includes the battle history of Baba Deep Singh. Extensive number of pictures and photographs by Subagh Kaur Khalsa are included to show the beginner how to use this art.

Price including postage: £8.50

Golden Temple Vegetarian Cookbook - Yogi Bhajan


Recipes for a full range of salads, soups, breads, main dishes and desserts selected from the house favorites at the Golden Temple Natural Food Restaurant chain.
See: Specialist Books for details.

Gong Therapy - Mehtab Benton


Gong Therapy: Sound Healing and Yoga.
Gong Therapy: Sound Healing and Yoga by Mehtab Benton is a comprehensive guide on how to use the Gong and the practices of Yoga to create a therapeutic environment and transformational experience for physical, mental and spiritual excellence.
Written for Yoga teachers, sound healers, therapists and all gong players, Gong Therapy provides the tools and in-depth information to conduct one-on-one private sessions as well as guidelines for using the gong as a therapeutic instrument in a group setting.

Gong Therapy: Sound Healing and Yoga by Mehtab Benton includes these topics:
  • The Basis of Sound Healing and Yoga Therapy
  • How to Structure a Gong Therapy Session
  • How to Play the Gong Therapeutically
  • Preparing the Gong Therapy Environment
  • Client Assessment and Development of a Therapy Session
  • Considerations for Selecting and Using Gongs
  • Using Mudras, Mantras, and Pranayamas Therapeutically
  • Guided Meditation and Relaxation for Gong Therapy
  • Gong Therapy for Groups
  • Using Gong Therapy with Other Healing Modalities
  • Gong Therapy as a Profession


    Gong Yoga - Mehtab Benton


    GONG YOGA is a comprehensive book on practicing and teaching yoga with the sound of the gong.
    You will learn about the origin, history and use of the gong for yoga and meditation as well as its current therapeutic applications for healing and transformation.
    The book contains a step-by-step training guide to teach yourself how to play the gong through a series of practice sessions. You will learn the basic techniques to play the gong effectively as well as more advanced techniques to create your own personalized gong playing routines. You will also learn how to structure yoga classes and individual practices using the gong as well as how to develop gong yoga therapy sessions for your students and professional clients.

    Price including postage: £13.75

    Healing Through Kundalini: Specific Applications - Yogi Bhajan


    This book contains specific Kundalini Yoga excersises for healing, as taught by Yogi Bhajan. >
    It lists ailments from A-Z and shows the according Kundalini Yoga excersise to heal them.
    You will find ailments like Diabetes ad Depression as well as the Menopause and many others.

    Price including postage: £9.50

    Heroes, Saints and Yogis - Shakti Parwha Kaur and Guruka Singh


    A collection of wonderfully inspiring essays about the path of Sikh Dharma, its history, its practices, and its connection to the path of Kundalini Yoga.
    Like all spiritual paths and teachings, it is often the tales, stories and historical retrospectives which have the capacity to open up the understanding and reach a deeper level of experience. Yogi Bhajan himself told many stories of saints and heroes which inspire and awaken a deeper understanding of spirituality. This book offers the opportunity to look deeper into the spirit of Sikh Dharma and to learn more about it.

    Price including postage: £14.50

    How to Know God - Yoga Aphorisms of Patanjali


    The Yoga Aphorisms of Patanjali
    A major work on the practice of Yoga and Meditation. Learn how you can control the mind and achieve inner freedom and peace through methods taught for over 2000 years.
    "A rendering, at once lively and profoundly instructive, of a world classic which ... remains as vividly topical, as realistically to the point, as when it first saw the light." - Aldous Huxley.

    Price including postage: £10.00

    Hue-Man: In Form and Function - Hari Simran Khalsa


    Students and Teachers now have a complete, simple and clear reference in The Hue-man, In Form & Function.
    This text conveys invaluable information, tips, and recommendations about the actual practice of Kundalini Yoga while offering just enough detail about the systems of the body to give a solid, practical working knowledge of anatomy and physiology. The knowledge within this book will enhance your yoga practice.
  • Why understanding the physiology of each system will improve your yoga experience;
  • The 13 Principals of Motion;
  • Why the spine is the highway of health and how the spine facilitates consciousness;
  • The mechanism of Kundalini;
  • How to unlock the potency of this energy;
  • Real Yogic techniques revealed in Locks/Bandhas, the Chakras, Ten Bodies, and Pranic Energy;
  • Easy reference and application of information for healthcare professionals.

    The Hue-man, In Form & Function is a complete companion, resource, reference, delightful reading and a "must-have" for every practitioner of Kundalini yoga in this awesome age of change and awakening.

    Price including postage: £19.10

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