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Understanding Kundalini Yoga - Santockh Singh Khalsa


This book is designed to give you an overview of the basics of Kundalini yoga.
You can study Kundalini yoga for many years and still not know all there is to know, but the basics are simple and easy to understand.
Kundalini yoga is an experience, not an intellectual subject. Having the profound experience of a Kundalini yoga class is what creates change in your life. But a basic understanding of what you are going through can help you to process these feelings and sensations and understand more about how it all fits together.

Price including postage: £10.00

Vegan for Fit - Attila Hildmann


Attila’s own transformation from a "lazy chubby guy to a model athlete in top physical form." (Attila speaking about himself) has led people to follow his example.
With Vegan for Fit, everyone has the possibility to achieve a total reset of their body and spirit in 30 days and to profit from the unique advantages that this type of diet offers.
Losing a significant amount of weight is not the only thing you can experience. Totally doing without those things that are questionable, such as hydrogenated fats, cholesterol, animal hormones, artificial coloring, emulsifiers, and empty calories, will significantly improve your metabolism and lead to a totally new, healthy body.
The good news:
Even if we’ve consumed chemical additives over a long period of time, our bodies can recover in a remarkably short amount of time. Many diet-related and lifestyle diseases will disappear on their own or will improve significantly. Vegan for Fit is one of the diets today that is richest in vital substances. Attila Hildmann, an aspiring physicist and nutrition specialist, has created a plan based on modern scientific findings which all agree that a balanced, plant-based diet is the best way to effectively protect yourself against heart attacks, cancer, strokes, and other diet-related diseases.

Price including postage: £21.50

Vegan for Fun - Attila Hildmann


With his non-dogmatic views, Attila Hildmann represents a new generation of people who want to eat healthy foods that are free of factory farming and products manipulated by the food industry.
Attila's recipes are often incredibly simple. Many of the recipes work well as snacks or for the office, and they’ll add healthy variety to your diet. After trying recipes like vegan burgers, spaghetti carbonara, cashew ice cream, pralines, and tasty smoothies, people with a normal diet will soon become fans of healthy foods that don’t contain cholesterol, hormones, antibiotics, flavor enhancers, or other additives.
With his non-dogmatic views, Attila Hildmann represents a new generation of people who want to eat healthy foods that are free of factory farming and products manipulated by the food industry. He believes that everyone who eats vegan one or two days a week or has one vegan meal a day will experience significant health benefits and a greater quality of life.
The best example of the healthy benefits of a vegan diet is Attila Hildmann himself. He went from being a significantly overweight young man, who as he today says lacked motivation, to a model athlete full of energy within just a few years.

Price including postage: £18.50

Waves of Healing - Siri Atma Singh Khalsa


Listening to the voice of your Soul.
The book features Kundalini Yoga Kriyas for the Ten Bodies.
This 240 page book reveals Dr. Siri Atma's insights on the healing essence of Kundalini Yoga and how being true to yourself plays a crucial role in health and healing. Chapters include: Angles and Triangles, Authentic Healing, The Ten Bodies In-Depth, Serenity, and The Voice of the Soul.
Waves of Healing also contains new Kundalini Yoga kriyas, one for each of the Ten Bodies - published in English for the first time and photographed in full colour.
In Waves of Healing, I share the understanding of yoga, health and healing which I gained over 30 years with my spiritual teacher, as well as working with my patients and yoga students.
Very little of this wisdom was communicated verbally; it came from spiritual experiences so profound as to win over the doubt and disbelief of my atheistic upbringing and western medical training.

Price including postage: £33.00

Yoga Anatomy: 2nd Edition - Yogi Bhajan


The best selling anatomy guide for yoga is now updated, expanded, and better than ever!
With more asanas, vinyasas, full color anatomical illustrations, and indepth information, the second edition of Yoga Anatomy provides you with a deeper understanding of the structures and principles underlying each movement and of yoga itself. From breathing to inversions to standing poses, see how specific muscles respond to the movements of the joints; how alterations of a pose can enhance or reduce effectiveness; and how the spine, breathing, and body position are all fundamentally linked. Whether you are just beginning your journey or have been practicing yoga for years, Yoga Anatomy will be an invaluable resource one that allows you to see each movement in an entirely new light. With Yoga Anatomy, Second Edition, authors Leslie Kaminoff and Amy Matthews, both internationally recognized experts and teachers in anatomy, breathing, and bodywork, have created the ultimate reference for yoga practitioners, instructors, and enthusiasts alike.

Price including postage: £14.10

Yoga for Happy Mums - Puran Prem Kaur


Simple techniques for getting your spark back and enjoying parenthood.
Do you feel exhausted by the demands of young children? This fully-illustrated book, suitable for complete beginners to Yoga, provides simple sets of exercises and meditations that will revitalize you and empower you to enjoy being a mum again.
Yoga for Happy Mums: Simple techniques for getting your spark back and enjoying parenthood again takes an honest look at the issues facing mums of young children – lack of sleep, anxiety, guilt, irritability, poor body image and more – and shows step by step how just a few minutes of Yoga practice a day can help beat them all.

"There are few publications which manage to demystify an esoteric discipline, while retaining a sense of its depth and intrinsic potential, and communicating in such an accessible tone and in everyday language. Puran Prem has achieved this balance admirably and has made an important contribution to the propagation of practical Kundalini Yoga into the lives of mothers and, I suspect, others everywhere!" - Guru Dharam Khalsa, BAcC RCHM Director International School of Kundalini Yoga (iSKY)

Price including postage: £11.50

Yoga for Health and Healing - Yogi Bhajan


A practical yoga manual focusing on aspects of healing
With a detailed introduction to the 10 bodies, the Chakras and energy systems, Glandular system and Nadis; detailed desription of all postures and basics; focusing on all areas of the body; and a fantastic alphabetical index with many symptoms or body areas, and exercises relating to that particular symptom or body area.

Price including postage: £14.75

Yoga for Health, Relaxation and Well-being - Nirvair Singh Khalsa


Yoga for Health, Relaxation & Well-being by Nirvair Singh has been written specially for beginners.
This wonderful collection of fast, simple techniques is taken from the ancient tradition of yoga. It guides you through common daily challenges successfully and easily - with healing exercises to do in the morning, at your desk, in your car, and before bed.

Price including postage: £8.50

Yoga for Women - Shakta Kaur Khalsa


Yoga for Women by Shakta Khalsa, is an inspirational book, beautifully designed and printed, dedicated to women of all ages.
In it you will follow a warm intimate journey of discovery that will nurture and empower you at every stage of life.
Discover powerfully effective poses, shown in evocative step-by-step photographs accompanied by clear text explaining their health benefits. Learn the healing wisdom of yogic health secrets, remedies and recipes that have been passed down through generations.

Price including postage: £12.50

Yoga Sutras of Patanjali (Gold)


The classic Sutras as laid out by Patanjali are at least 4,000 years old and are the core text of yoga ethics, meditation, physical postures, and provide directions for dealing with situations in daily life. .

Price including postage: £7.00

Your Life in Your Chakras - Guru Rattana Kaur


An excellent guide for the 21st Century, with information on each Chakra, Kundalini Yoga, breath & meditation for the soul, and balancing and aligning the Chakras.
In this book, Gururattan Kaur shares with us her research on the topic of chakras, as well as her direct experience and insights. She assembles information, techniques and teachings by Yogi Bhajan on how to work with your chakras that are uniquely available only in this volume.
As Gururattan Kaur says in the Introduction...
"Many people have lost hope. They feel that they have no real choice in how they live their life. They see no way to affect real change. The do not believe that something significantly better exists. They have essentially given up. My purpose is to give you a perspective of life that can change how you feel about yourself and your life challenges, that can alter how you live and participate in your daily routine. My goal is to help men and women of the planet step out into the world on their destiny path...to unleash our humanness...as we make our unique contribution to evolutionary unfoldment of love."

Price: £18.00
Price including postage: £20.00

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